Bulk-Stored Diesel Fuel Quality Maintenance Systems

Fuel Purification System FPS-12

The Fuel Purification System is a self-contained fuel quality maintenance system developed for stored diesel and biodiesel fuels. The system effectively removes water and solids to 2 microns, insuring the availability of clean, dry, contaminant-free fuel for standby diesel generators and other fuel storage facilities. By maintaining clean, dry fuel, the Fuel Purification System eliminates the need for biocides and chemical additives, resulting in additional savings and ensuring quick starts and trouble-free operation of your engines. The FPS-12 can service tanks up to 60,000 gallons in size and is fully automated with remote monitoring capabilities. Fuel Purification units are attractively packaged in a rugged enameled steel cabinet and are designed with high quality industrial components to assure prolonged life and trouble-free operation.


  • Eliminates annual tank cleaning, fuel purchases, and disposal costs.
  • Discourages the growth of bacteria, reducing the need for expensive additives.
  • Removes contaminants to 2 microns, exceeding manufacturers recommendations.
  • Automatic Unattended Operation
  • Multi-Tank Capability (Optional)
FSP 12

FPS systems are provided with a hinged lid and access panels for easy installation and service.


  • The FPS-12 services tanks to 60,000 gallons; other sizes are available.
  • Multi-tank manifold options are available.
  • Operating status and alarms:
    • Emergency rupture/flood condition (auto-shutdown).
    • Waste tank full alarm.
    • Pump Run indicators.
    • Manifold vacuum monitor.
    • Change filter Alarm.
    • Audible Alarm.
  • Automatic Waste Drain included.
  • Main Pump rated for continuous operation.
  • Remote monitoring.
  • High reliability industrial design.
FSP 12

System Description

Main Breaker - Located inside the enclosure the main breaker provides thermal-magnetic overload protection for the system.

Motor Overload Protection - Thermal Time-delay breakers provide overload protection to the pump motors.

PLC Functions - The microprocessor based PLC consists of an industrial microcontroller and a 4 line LCD display. The PLC contains a real-time clock with a ten-year rated (field replaceable) battery backup. The controller manages all functions of the fuel purification system.

Low Voltage Operation - Operator interfaces and external circuitry are driven by an isolated NEMA rated 24 volt DC control circuit.

System Electrical Enclosure - NEMA 4, water and dust tight.

Wiring - Power wiring is 600v rated THHN oil-resistant stranded AWG wire. Liquid-tight conduit is utilized for added safety and reliability.

Power Switching - Contactors are provided to handle motor loads and interface to the PLC.

Main Pump Motor - The Main Pump motor is rated for continuous operation to provide years of trouble-free operation.

Main Pump - The FPS-12 primary pump is a self-priming positive-displacement type, heavy-duty unit. It is sealed and maintenance free and is a specific-purpose pump designed for operation with diesel and biodiesel fuels.

Waste Pump - The FPS-12 waste pump is a positive-displacement type, heavy-duty unit. It is sealed and maintenance free and is a specific-purpose pump designed for operation with water, diesel, and biodiesel fuels.

Filtration module - the FPS-12 canister is manufactured to ASME standards (non-stamped) and contains three replaceable filter elements. Elements are available from 30 down to 2 microns. Elements are field replaceable, which is easily done by shutting the system down and removing the filter lid. Access is through a hinged top and front cabinet panel. A pressure/vacuum release valve is provided to facilitate vacuum break.

External Operators - A four-line LCD display provides readout of the current time, operating statistics and alarm conditions. Oil-tight selector switches and indicators provide on-off-auto and indicator functions. Operator lights are LED types with long-life to eliminate frequent bulb changes or missed indications.

Remote Monitoring - Remote contacts are provided for shutdown and alarm operation. FPS can include dial-up and network connected remote capabilities.

Indicators and Alarms - An audible alarm is provided to alert personnel to required filter changes or other error conditions. Visible and remote alerts are provided in the event the alarm-silence is activated.

Transducers and Sensors - An electronic transducer is provided to allow the PLC to determine when filter change and other operational errors occur. Flood and waste-overfill sensors provide the PLC with indication of those respective conditions.

Calibration and Startup - The system is self-calibrating based on initial setup parameters. The PLC accepts manual inputs for tank-size and other configuration data upon installation. When the unit first operates or a filter has been changed the PLC computes ranges that further determine the operating parameters and alarm set points.

Cabinet - The FPS cabinet is a heavy-duty industrial enameled steel cabinet. All components are primed and painted to insure corrosion protection and an attractive finish. The standard colors are White and Green.

Optional Features

Multi-Tank Manifold - A valve manifold and programming option provide capabilities for split and multi-tank applications. The multi-tank option supports from 2 - 5 tanks.

Manual Waste Drain - Deletes the auto-drain feature and holding tank.

Custom Installation - Provides field and engineering support for custom configurations and installations. Contact our engineering staff for special requirements.

Paint Options - OEM and custom paint color schemes for special orders.

Specification : FPS-12-SA-0-0000

[Fuel Purification System : 12 gpm, single manifold, auto-drain, non-custom, standard colors]

Capacity : 12 gallons per minute

Voltage : 10VAC, 60hz, single phase, 20amp circuit

Dimensions : 32" x 24" x 48" (W x D x H)

Weight : Approximately 460lbs.

Shipping Weight : Approximately 480 lbs