Fuel Purification Systems Process

  • The fuel is pulled by vacuum from the main storage tank
  • The fuel is then pulled into the filtration canister by vacuum
  • The fuel is directed down through a thrash cone and is spun in a circular motion
  • The circular motion creates centrifugal force which forces the water to be separated

The separated water is then pulled to the bottom of the filtration canister by gravity. (Water is Heavier than Oil). The water, after accumulating on the bottom of the canister and rising to engage the first water sensing probe, activates a valve and turns on a pump.

About Us

Fuel Purification represents over 25 years of experience in the diesel fuel quality business. Whether you are looking for a Fuel Purification System in a new project or in a retrofit, we can assist you in choosing the correct system. From our facility, we can handle orders of all sizes. In hospitals, datacenters and in every mission critical application, our machines are engineered to ensure that your fuel will be ready when you need it.

Fuel purification systems provides solutions for stored diesel generator fuel cleaning, fuel polishing, fuel filter to clean fuel, fuel contamination, fuel filtration & generator maintenance services along with quality bulk-stored diesel fuel filter & maintenance systems.